Motorists are continuing to feel the sting of rising gas prices at the pumps. Now, long haul truck drivers are being impacted and are weighing in on the surging costs.

Here’s more on what’s causing the gas prices to continue rising and how it’s affecting motorists and truck drivers.

Gas is continuing to rise and truck drivers are sharing how it is affecting them on the roads as they spend a little over $6/gallon to fill up.

“The gas prices are outrageous,” said Mario James, Owner of 360 at Trucking LLC.

Gas prices are continuing to affect regular motorists and truck drivers as prices continue to rise throughout the nation.

“There are several prices affecting gas prices right now. This time of year as we approach the heavily traveled by car Memorial Day weekend and summer vacation season. We’re going to see demand go up,” said Lynda Lambert, Media Spokesperson, AAA East Central.

Refineries are preparing to switch to summer-blend gasoline which costs more to produce.

Another factor of the surging gas prices are the recent events between Ukraine and Russia.

“Russia is the third largest producer of crude oil in the world, and the European nation announced that they have a proposal to ban all Russian imports, crude oil within six months,” said Lambert.

Lambert said that crude oil has consistently been over $100 a barrel for several weeks and truck drivers are beginning to feel the sting of it.

“It takes to fill up my truck $1100, $1200, and that’s not even including the DEF fuel. DEF fuel is a whole separate fuel for the truck. So all together you might be spending about probably $1,300 versus what you would usually spend maybe $500 to fill a truck up,” said James.

Truckers are sharing their strategies on how and where they fill up to stretch their dollars.

“Yeah all the time looking for cheapest price. A lot of prices are cheap because they have mixed bio but that’s not good for this engine. It’s for old trucks okay, but for new one for DEF I’ve been in DEF every year you know,” said Visya Boyko, Truck Driver.

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AAA recommends adjusting how you drive to ensure your car remains fuel efficient.