Mugs and Muggles, Harry Potter-themed cafe opens in Cambridge Springs

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One local family’s obsession turning into a new business in Cambridge Springs.  Elena Laquatra joins us in the studio with an inside look at the new Harry Potter-themed coffee shop causing all the rage in Crawford County.

I’m about to throw some mad Harry Potter puns at you throughout this story, so all about the Hogwarts Express.  

After Cambridge Springs’ only coffee shop, Karen’s Angels, shut their doors, locals had to travel all the way into Erie for a specialty cup of potion.  The new shop to fill the void is just riddikulus.  Step through the 9 3/4 platform and into the latest addition to Cambridge Springs to Mugs and Muggles.

Co-Owner Brandon Cowie tells us, “It seemed like the piece of Cambridge Springs that was missing was the coffee shop.”  But, not just any old coffee shop.  “We love Harry Potter… it’s one of our favorite stories and you know, it’s huge in the area.”

Mugs and Muggles is owned by Brandon and his wife, Stacey.  And, their five little witches and wizards were more than willing to cast some help in their parents’ direction.  “Our youngest helped us with the floor. Our two oldest helped us with the walls. Our two middle children were over here bossing us.”

The Cowies planned to open up shop last year until the Riverside Inn burned to the ground.  They questioned the success of a business without the traffic from the town’s historic staple.  But, their love of Cambridge Springs prevailed. “The area is really important to us. The community is really important to us…. it’s just that simple.”

The coffee shop offers more than 2 dozen drink choices, but the names of those drinks are a little peculiar… this one is the Butterbeer, and there’s the Babbling Beverage, Muggle Mocha, Dragon Milk, Goblet of Fire, or Espresso Petronum to possibly suit your fancy.

“The names were really fun,” Brandon says. “We did a lot of research finding out what different spells, potions, elixirs and stuff that were actually mentioned in the Harry Potter things.”

Opened just one day, it’s already a hit in the community.  I know you’re all anxious to ‘Slyther-in’ and check them out! 

You can apparate on in to their facebook page by clicking here.

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