The trial for the murder of Patric Phillips continued on Monday at the Erie County Courthouse.

Prosecutors called on more witnesses to recall events that led to the fatal shooting in December of 2019.

Here is what was said from the witness stand during the testimony.

A key witness gave their account of what took place the night that Phillips was fatally shot as law enforcement identified defendants.

Four defendants were back in court on Monday. These defendants were accused of fatally shooting 25-year-old Patric Phillips in December of 2019.

Witness testimony continues the prosecution’s case with people involved in the fatal night, relatives, and law enforcement.

William Rickert took the stand as prosecutors reviewed video footage with him that he previously saw with detectives one month after Phillips was killed.

Rickert identified one of the suspects as Damarjon Beason and confirmed that Beason was in the courtroom.

Beason told the jury that he was related to Rickert.

Law enforcement testified that clothing worn the night of the incident matches one of the defendants from photos retrieved from their iCloud account.

Lieutenant Michael Hertel of the City of Erie Police’s Major Crime Unit took the stand. He matched Derrick Elverton’s clothing in the iCloud pictures to surveillance footage taken on December 7th, the night that Phillips was killed.

Hertel testified a tattoo of wings on Elverton’s neck also played a key role in his identification.

The lieutenant also identified Damarjon Beason based on the same evidence.

The alleged driver on the night of the shooting, Michael Toles, identified Elverton, along with Marshawn Williams, and Anthony Blanks as the other defendants before him in court.

Toles mentioned the wings tattoo on Elverton’s neck that would match Lieutenant Hertel’s description.

He recalls the night by saying that he was unaware of what was going on by saying “For some reason I felt like I heard gunshots so I left.”

Toles said that Derrick Elverton provided all the informaiton about Phillips, but Marshawn Williams called the shots when it came to the robbery.

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The trial will continue on June 7.