Murder trial put on hold after Erie County Courthouse forced to evacuate two courtrooms due to bed bugs

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Trial proceedings for a fatal stabbing came to an unexpected halt today. Judges, lawyers, and the public were evacuated after bed bugs were discovered.

The Leonard Jordan trial came to a halt this afternoon after bed bugs were discovered in the Erie County Courthouse.

Two courtrooms in the courthouse were evacuated today due the infestation. It is believed the bed bugs came from a bin near the courthouse’s security checkpoint.

An extermination crew will be going into the courthouse tonight to spray. The courthouse is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning.

Testimony at the trial continued today before the trial was put on hold. 57-year-old Leonard Jordan is accused of stabbing John Allen to death in an Erie East Side apartment in October of last year.

The prosecution is seeking a first-degree murder charge, saying Jordan planned out how he would kill Allen.

Jordan allegedly told at least two people that he killed Allen. One of those people reportedly had a recording of Jordan talking about the murder.

The defense is claiming that Jordan was asleep at Allen’s apartment when he woke up to find Allen sexually harassing him and that is what sparked the fight that led to Allen’s death.

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