Mysterious ice rescue on the bay today…

Local News

A call for an ice rescue along the Bayfront leads to confusion for first responders. 

A call came in this afternoon for a vessel ending up in the water.  Three men were out sailing in three different ice boats.  One of the boats ended up in open water at the base at Dobbins Landing.  The two other men were able to get their friend out of the water by pulling him with a rope.  

But, when first responders arrived, they weren’t able to find the group of men.  When we arrived at the scene, Mike Fahey, Deputy Chief of the Erie Fire Department, told us, “We’re really just trying to locate him to make sure he’s alright… but they’re a little bit uncooperative with who he is and where he’s at.”

Crews eventually made contact with the man who ended up in the water and he’s walking away unscathed.  

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