Nala, Queen of the Erie Zoo, stretches her legs in her special, seasonal enclosure

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A favorite at the Erie Zoo makes her debut for the season in the enclosure designed for her special needs.

Nala the lioness, also referred to as ‘The Queen,’ is enjoying her time in the sun for the first time this season.  Nala is over 20-years-old which makes her one of the oldest lions in the country living in captivity.

Now that the temperatures are warmer, she’s been let outside to enjoy the space designed for her to easily get around.

President and CEO of the Erie Zoo Scott Mitchell says, “We have some of those logs that she can lay on. There are different substrates so that one spot, there’s soil.  And then, there’s bark and there’s sand so she can pick a spot that she likes to lay in that’s most comfortable for her.  Even the benches, we have a lower bench and a high bench.  She doesn’t like to go up on the high bench too much.  But she can go on the lower bench and be comfortable up there too.”

The lions rotate their time in this special enclosure and as the leader of the pack, Nala, gets first dibs.

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