Nation of Patriots Flag Tour stops in Erie on its journey across the Country

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The Nation of Patriots Tour stopped in Erie today, bringing Old Glory on a trip that will end in Wisconsin. The flag was escorted by dozens of bikers who are honoring disabled veterans.

The sounds of rolling thunder ended at Harley Davidson of Erie, with it, Old Glory on its only stop in Pennsylvania.

“The flag started its journey in Wisconsin. It has traveled the 48 states and is circling around. Erie is the only stop in Pennsylvania that the flag is going to touch,” said Patrick Rossi, Director, Erie Harley Owners Group.

The flags journey is part of the Nation of Patriots Flag Tour, designed to benefit disabled veterans around the country. The group traveled to Jamestown, New York to retrieve the flag and bring it back to Pennsylvania. Erie is the only stop in the state of Pennsylvania.

For everyone of these riders, this flag was the reason to ride.

Jackdaleth Montiel was chosen to lead the trip with Old Glory waving in the wind on the back of her bike.

“As a longtime U.S. marine, I can say its a huge honor and emotionally it means a lot, because this flag represents God, Country, and all those that served,” said Jackdaleth Montiel, CK Hog Chapter.

The flag will go full circle Saturday when the group leaves for Mentor, Ohio with Old Glory blowing in the wind.

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