Nation witnesses gas prices decline temporarily

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The nation has witnessed a recent decline in gas prices, but for how long?

We spoke with an expert to hear what could affect the prices in the coming weeks.

Gas prices have declined recently, but we could see a change right before Christmas.

Gas prices have lowered about four cents over the last few weeks and by two cents in Pennsylvania.

Could we however see a change in this soon due to an increase in crude oil?

“With crude oil prices going up in the past few days, we could potentially see that have an impact at the pump in a week or two weeks which would be right around when a lot of people are going to be traveling for the holidays,” said Jim Garrity, AAA Spokesman East Central.

The new omicron strain of COVID-19 has left individuals speculating where the demand for gas could be soon.

“Around the world created speculation and concern about where the demand is going to be basically in a couple of months. So you know if there’s another variant, the concern that the market was if there’s going to be another variant hitting that could have a big impact on how much gasoline and how much oil people are ultimately going to end up buying,” said Garrity.

Whether gas prices increase or decrease, a local driver said that his travel plans won’t be affected.

“It’s probably not going to change my plans to travel and visit family and such,” said Scott Thompson, Driver.

In case we begin to see gas prices drive up within the next few weeks, Triple A recommends making sure your budget can handle the increased gas prices.

Another tip recommended by Triple A is to drive slower if we see an increase in gas prices.

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