National Fuel increasing monthly bill by 1.5%; changes go into effect Saturday

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National Fuel has submitted its quarterly adjustment to gas supply charges, with the result to go into effect tomorrow, February 1st.

According to a news release from National Fuel, The adjustment increases the monthly bill of a customer with an annual usage of 100,300 cubic feet by $1.14, from $66.51 to $67.65.

National Fuel customers who are having trouble paying their bills are encouraged to call the customer service line at 1-800-365-3234 to discuss available payment programs and services. Here is a list of these programs:

  • Budget Plan- predictable monthly gas bills and stabilized heating payments for the year
  • Deferred Payment Agreement- customers can negotiate a payment plan in the event of a special circumstance
  • LIRA- reduced-rate monthly bills and debt forgiveness
  • LIURP- weatherization assistance for customers who meet income and consumption requirements
  • CARES- payment arrangements and assistance referrals for customers facing hardships
  • Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund- helps customers who are having difficulty paying bills and who meet one of the following criteria: at least 55 years old, a veteran, disabled, have a certified medical condition, or receiving unemployment benefits, meet basic energy needs

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