Today is the day non-profit organizations are hoping there’s a shift from buying to giving this holiday season.  Several local non-profits participating in this Giving Tuesday.

We spoke to a few non-profits who say this is a newer trend and they’re hoping it will continue to grow and hope it will be as big as Erie Gives Day eventually.  Tuesday marking the Global Day of Giving through National Giving Day, non-profit organizations like SafeNet participate for the first time, hoping the Erie Community will step up like they always do.  

Geri Cicchetti, Director of Advancement for SafeNet, tells us, “This has been a tough year for SafeNet with changes in HUD funding. We had a loss that we had to make up.”

For 43 years, SafeNet has been able to offer free housing, legal help, medical services and other programs to victims.  The money raised Tuesday assisting in those services and programs for children, too.  Geri tells us, “We do get grant funding from the state and federal government. The grants recognize the adult victims of domestic violence, but not the children. So, if someone is fleeing an unsafe [situation] and they bring their children to be housed at SafeNet, we need to raise money to cover the costs of food, housing, and clothing for the children”.

The Erie Art Museum also participating in this Giving Tuesday. They say all the money raised will help keep the doors open.  Christine Eddy, Director of Development for the Erie Art Museum, says, “We can’t be this incredible facility that we are without the community and sponsors and donors who support us…  The community loves that art museum and wants to see it thrive, and we appreciate that.”

Ten percent of each purchase at Talbots in Millcreek on Tuesday also goes to the Erie Art Museum and the many programs and exhibits the museum offers to keep the arts alive in the region.  At last calculation, the National Giving Tuesday has raised $177 million and is still rising.  

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