National Teen Driver Safety Week takes PennDOT workers to Erie High School today

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Keeping your teenagers safe as they hit the roads as new drivers; that’s the goal of National Teen Driver Safety Week. 

PennDOT, local law enforcement, and other agencies are teaming up to present a safety program to schools across five counties.  Today, spending time with the juniors and seniors at Erie High School.  The comprehensive program helps teach teens about driving and the risks associated.

Driving simulators help the students understand what it feels like to be in a distracted driving situation.

Geoffrey Crankshaw, Erie County Department of Health, tells us, “This is a simulation to show how you would think if you were put under these conditions. So, whereas we have a driver, and a student, like to him, like a passenger, all the rest of the students in the class are behind them as backseat drivers. “

According to PennDOT, vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 16-24-year-olds. 

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