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ERIE, Pa – Halloween is almost here! Some people plan their costumes weeks in advance, others wait until the last minute. If you’re one of those people who is still searching for something to wear tomorrow, we have you covered!

Kate Pace is a local makeup artist who joined us this morning to give a full tutorial on some easy, last minute Halloween makeup. 

The look we decided to go for was the “Day of the Dead” sugar skull. “Day of the Dead” is celebrated each year in Mexico to honor those who have passed. The country had their big “Day of the Dead” parade this past Saturday and celebrations continue through the week. Over time, the sugar skull look has become a popular Halloween look. 

Products to help complete this look:

*Face primer — Laura Geller Spackle Mattfying Primer

* Full coverage foundation — Estee Lauder Double Wear

* Light colored eyeshadow crayon to sketch out where the black details of the skull will be — Pixi by Petra crayon in the shade wide awake, found at Target

* Black eyeliner in both a gel form and liquid felt tip form — Gel-Loreal Paris infallible laquer eyeliner, Felt tip- Stila Stay all day liquid Eyeliner

* Liquid Glitter — Stila glitter & glow liquid Eyeshadow

* Bright colored blush — Mac cosmetics Pro long wear blush

* Your choice of various color sequins or jewels found at most craft stores. Kate got hers at Jo Ann Fabrics! 

* Lash adhesive works great as a glue for your sequins & jewels. — Duo Lash adhesive in clear (contains latex) 

Application Tips: 

•Prepping your face is vital for long wearing makeup. Have a cleansed, moisturized face before going in with primer & foundation. 

•Any liquid or gel makeup you use, go in with the same color in with a powder makeup, like an eyeshadow, to set that color. For example, on the black gel liner part around the eye area, Kate went in with eyeshadow and just lightly pressed in black eyeshadow to set this and prevent it from running at all. 

•Google real skull diagrams to give you inspiration for your skull details and continue to reference back to it throughout the application. 

•False lashes really help to set your look over the top! 

•Use tweezers or a q-tip to apply sequins or jewels, let the glue get a little tacky before placing them. 

•Have fun! There are no rules to sugar skull makeup! 

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