Neighbor: East 29th dogs had ‘aggressive’ pasts

Local News

Two dogs that were shot and killed last month during an attack on another dog, had a history of aggression according to one resident.

Ken Quinn lives in the 200 block of East 29th Street, the same block where two Pitbulls entered a home May 20 and viciously attacked a Labrador Retriever, dragging that dog outside to the street.

It’s believed the owner of that lab subsequently shot and killed those two Pitbulls, and is not yet facing charges.

Quinn said he called police and animal enforcement on those same two Pitbulls last summer, but nothing was ever done.

“I have heard on several occasions that they were fighting, they exhibited fighting behaviors,” said Quinn. “I heard them fighting each other, I have even heard people tell them to ‘go get each other’. You could hear these dogs daytime and nighttime barking, growling going at each other or after smaller dogs.”

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