Political emotions continue to run high tonight, some seven months after President Joe Biden unseated former President Donald Trump.

One local man put more than a flag on his front porch on East 37th Street. This flag included profanity aimed at President Biden and those who voted for him.

His neighbor is outraged and offended, but the man said that he is using his freedom of speech.

As offensive as the sign is to some people, after speaking with a local lawyer, the sign is in fact legal.

Irene Mazzocco called the station about the sign on Jim Greenawalt’s front porch. She is insulted and wants it taken down.

“Whether its Biden or Trump, but you don’t do that to any president and I think it’s a disgrace,” said Irene Mazzocco, Lives on East 37th Street.

Mazzocco called the Code Enforcement and they directed her to the city solicitor. The city solicitor however told her that it was a matter of freedom of speech.

“I understand that, but that is going a little too far with a flag over the president,” said Mazzocco.

Jim Greenawalt said that he put up the flag on Tuesday and he has no plans to take it down.

“I believe in my rights and I justify using them. I have a right of free speech. I have a right to post this. I have rights to the Second Ammendment. I enjoy my rights,” said Jim Greenawalt, Lives on 37th Street.

Greenawalt has a long list of reasons he does not like President Biden. According to Greenawalt this is his way of expressing his beliefs.

“I am totally against what Biden is doing. I am totally against the way they are handling the boarder crisis. My way of expressing that I am totally dissatisfied with him,” said Greenawalt.

Again the lawyer we spoke with said that the sign is legal as long as it does not impede or incite violence by using any hate speech.

This sign is allowed even if it is offensive as long as it’s not insulting a specific victim.

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