Neighbor says he tried to wake victims of Centerville fire before calling 911

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An investigation is now underway after an overnight fire claims the life of two people. That fire lighting up the sky on Shauberger Road in the early hours of the morning.

The flames started bursting into the air around 12:30 this morning in Crawford County, the fire claiming the lives of two people. 

Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell confirms the victims are Frederick and Sandra Doner, both dying of asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. 

On the scene, the fire department was able to locate one victim right away and then, after talking to neighbors, investigators realized they needed to begin looking for a second victim.

Nicholas Stolar, Criminal Investigator for Pennsylvania State Police, tells us, “Multiple local departments helped out; they did a great job, They were in there looking for the other victim as soon as it was cool enough for them to do so.”

The scene on Shauberger Road was alarming for some as the home collapsed within the midst of the flames.

Neighbor Rick Rodgers says it was “Too much heat and smoke and then shortly after that, it just went up; just combusted.”

Neighbors saying they were trying to make their way to the home to help, but when they got there, they were just a little too late.

Rogers says, “I went down and laid on the horn, I drove the car down and no response. I got out and pounded on the door and it was hot, there was smoke starting to build around the basement. I came out and dialed 911.”

Police say this investigation is ongoing. 

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