Neighbors and Club Owner react to Club Energy being in East Side neighborhood

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Today is Friday and like many, you are probably looking forward to the weekend, however, that is not the case for one East Side neighborhood.

Chelsey Withers reports with a look at what neighbors surrounding Club Energy have to say.

Residents say tensions are running high in their neighborhood because a local club is disturbing them at all hours of the night.

Neighbors along East 22nd and Wayne Streets claim their neighborhood is taking a turn for the worse.

“My dad used to tell me about them running the horses across 22nd Street, that’s how long this house has been in my family. Now, my mother is elderly, she’s 96-years-old, and she is afraid to be home,” said Lorraine Reinsel, East 22nd Street resident.

Residents claim when people leave Club Energy in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday, chaos fills the streets.

Erie Police are currently working to figure out what exactly this establishment is operating as, because it is not authorized or zoned to operate as a bottle club or bar.

“We would ask that you do continue to call if there are problems and know that in this case, Club Energy, we are aware of the problem. We are actively investigating it right now,” said Captain Rich Lorah, Erie Police Department.

As Erie Police are continuing to investigate, residents near Club Energy are sending a message to the owner.

“There are plenty of open spaces, industrial buildings, like I said, that are abandoned with plenty of parking. Get it out of the neighborhood, the residential areas. We don’t need this crap,” said Roxine Benson, East 22nd Street resident.

The owner of Club Energy has made the following statement:

Energy Lounge is an establishment for people to come out and enjoy themselves. The younger generation is welcomed until 1:00 a.m. and those 21 and over thereafter until 3 a.m. We go above and beyond to make sure our establishment is safe by hiring out of state security guards more than what is recommend, and they search every person that comes in no matter how many times they may do so.”

We are aware of the issues that our neighbors have voiced and we have accommodated some of those complaints by brightening up the outside lights, implementing a camera system, playing the music at a lower volume, cleaning up outside after the club closes, and only operating on the weekends.”

When it comes to the violence that occurs outside of the establishment or down the  street from the establishment, although it is very discouraged, unfortunately that is out of our control. We encourage everyone to get home safe and have a positive night. It is out of our control and we do encourage the Erie Police Department to have their presence around the area so that people may think twice about their actions, but at the end of the day, you can’t blame an Establishment for individual ignorance.”

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