Neighbors assisting Cranesville woman after losing everything in fire

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Neighbors are stepping in to help one woman after she lost everything to a devastating house fire in Cranesville. This comes after residents on Thrasher Road called for help as flames engulfed the home on Thursday afternoon.

Flames lit the air on a quiet street in Cranesville Thursday afternoon. That is when Karen Kibler walked outside after hearing roaring noises from up the road. Kibler called for help as she watched the roof cave in while surrounded by fire.

“It was a pretty big flame, so I said ‘OK.'” Kibler said. “The woods got out of control. I got to the point and the roof was caving in and it was totally engulfed.”

Cranesville Fire along with other crews responded to the incident, but thankfully the homeowner was not inside at the time of the fire. The fire demolished the house, including the belongings in it, leaving nothing behind.

“She lost everything. She lost her memories, you know everything that she had even from her parents, you never get that back.” Kibler said.

Nearby residents on Thrasher Road are extending a helping hand, by giving the homeowner a place to stay during a time of tragedy. Neighbors on the street saying that everyone is like family and they always come together during a time of need.

“I think that’s the nicest thing. When you are from a small area, people know one another and we’re always out to support one another and we’re always out to support one another and we have each others backs for sure, so I hope she is able to stay here.” said Carrie Sawin, a neighbor.

Neighbors say they’ll continue to hope for the homeowner’s future ahead.

“I hope that she just keeps the faith and knows that she has a lot of support from the people around her and we’ll be there for her, with whatever she needs.

Firefighters are still investigating the fire. A family member has started a GoFundMe page to help the woman who lost her home.

You can find all that information right here.

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