Neighbors of Erie County Veterans Memorial Park are voicing their concerns over what they describe as an area junkyard.

Here is more on the city’s efforts to address abandoned cars and debris.

Neighbors and visitors said that the nearby junkyard is an eyesore and that is disrespectful to veterans.

Across from Erie County Veterans Memorial Park, abandoned cars and debris are filling up a vacant lot.

Neighbors and visitors are frustrated with the owner of the property on Glenwood Park Avenue.

One Navy veteran said that he is disappointed to see a junkyard so close to the memorial.

“I think they should clean up their mess and show some respect for the veterans displayed here because they deserve it. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Erie right here,” said William Groner, Visiting Memorial Park.

“The veterans and those people have worked really hard over there. So for them to get to that place of peace and then look across and see that, no I don’t think that that should be allowed to continue,” said Karen Shepard, Neighbor.

The manager of the Erie City Code Enforcement said that they are trying to contact the owner to address the zoning violations.

“Because it’s across the street from the memorial we’d really like to get that cleaned up. It has been cited for junk and debris. So we’ll continue to push for that and hopefully get him to clean up,” said Andy Zimmerman, Manager of Code Enforcement for City of Erie.

“Hopefully some of the renovations we’re going to do in the future will maybe hide some of that. It’s a shame that you’ve got such a beautiful area there and they have that there across the street. It’s kind of an eyesore for people who go there to reflect or just to learn. It’s just a shame,” said Joe Benacci, Board Member of Erie County Veterans Memorial Park Committee.

Benacci said that renovations include adding more walkways, benches, and a parking lot.

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All in an effort to protect, beautify, and expand memorial park.