Neighbors of former 5th and State McDonald’s react to building plans

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More downtown reaction comes after the news that the now closed 5th and State Street McDonald’s will be leveled to build a new 5-story office and apartment building.

That is the latest announcement from the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (EDDC), which is using a pool of privately raised dollars to transform downtown Erie.

Among the neighbors watching the flurry of property buys are two nonprofits—the Perry Square Alliance and the ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum.

Both say they are hoping for a downtown boom like other cities have seen following significant investment.

“We are looking for people to come downtown and enjoy not only the parks, but the lovely restaurants and just the overall vibe in the city,” said Jeff Brinling, Perry Square Alliance.

“Those are places that are vibrant, full of life, full of activity, and safe for families to come down and visit. For us, it’s a really great thing,” said Ainslie Brosig, ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum.

The demolition of the McDonald’s is expected to take 30 days, but it could be as many as four years before the new building is up and running.

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