Neighbors react to fatal weekend shooting

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Kayla Fronzaglia, a neighborhood resident has lived in the quiet neighborhood off of Southgate Drive her entire life.

She was shocked to find out a 26-year-old gun shot victim was just feet away from where her kids were playing outside.

That’s when her kids screamed saying someone was lying on the street.

“They want to go outside, I know earlier today they wanted to go outside and play. I don’t feel comfortable letting them out there unless someone is outside with them now,” Fronzaglia added.

Residents in the middle class community say everyone is friendly and knows one another.

Neighbors are not left speechless that something of this nature would happen, especially during daylight hours and close to home.

Some neighbors we spoke to say while incidents like this can occur anywhere, safety is now a concern in their very own neighborhood.

Nathan Ziegler, a neighborhood resident says, “I think going forward, regardless of elicit activities, it does put a dark casting shadow over the neighborhood for the future.”

Other neighbors say after this incident they will be more aware of their surroundings and will report anything out of the ordinary.

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