Neighbors speak out on gun violence after bullet hits house on East 9th Street

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Neighbors want the gun violence to stop after one East Erie family escape gun fire that sent bullets into their home.

We spoke with victims, neighbors, and police to see where they can go from there.

Neighbors along East 9th Street want more police involved in this neighborhood.

These neighbors said that there is constant crime that continues to go on in the area.

“It used to be super quiet, now there’s commonly you hear shots fired,” said Michael Denning, Erie Resident.

A lot has changed in this East 9th Street neighborhood. Michael Denning has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years and is a neighbor of the family whose home was hit by gunfire.

Police said that a gun shot was fired into the house. A bullet hit a TV stand, but fortunately they didn’t hurt two children and others inside at the time.

The victims did not want to appear on camera, but expressed shock to have this happen to them. They said that they have no issues with anyone as they keep to themselves.

“It could have been pretty random because it’s more and more of a common occurrence in this neighborhood,” said Denning.

So the question is how will this neighborhood change for the better?

“We have this gun task force that we started up and that’s members of the police department and county police officers,” said William Marucci, Captain of the Erie Police Department.

Denning said that with the incident that happened to his neighbor it feels like it can happen to anyone.

“It’d be nice to have if there were a little more presence and a little more action when things do happen. A lot of times you’ll hear we’ll take your report, but that’s about the end of it,” said Denning.

This shooting incident is still an open investigation.

Police said that they do not have a suspect yet, but if you may have information that will help police, please feel free to call the Erie Police Department.

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