Neurological specialists speak out about the severity of strokes following Tom Ridge’s recent stroke

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In light of Tom Ridge’s recent stroke, we spoke with neurological specialists at UPMC Hamot about the severity of strokes.

A stroke is when there is decreased blood flow to the brain which caused that part of the brain to die.

Symptoms include changes in speech, facial weakness, and or one side of your body begins to weaken.

Strokes are the leading cause of long term disabilities affecting anything from your speech or motor functions.

“So strokes can leave you with weakness or trouble with your words. With time and with therapy, the symptoms can improve from when you’ve had the stroke, but sometimes those symptoms can be long lasting depending on what the symptoms of your stroke are,” said Trevor Phinney, Neuro Hospitalist.

Time is key when someone suffers a stroke and the likely hood for long term affects increases the longer time someone goes without medical care.

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