New and improved gym coming to downtown Meadville

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Downtown Meadville will have a new and improved gym facility for the community to enjoy.

Bill Lawrence’s Personal Fitness will be expanding its gym on 940 Park Avenue. The gym is currently on the third floor of the building. The entirety of the building was purchased by Bill Lawrence and his wife after nearly two years of it being partially vacant.

Over 300 clients will have a new and bigger place to get in shape on the first floor. The second and third floor of the building will be used for prospective tenants.

“I think it’ll make Meadville look a little bit better, because you’ll be able to see it from the street. It doesn’t look empty now walking down the street,” said Bill Lawrence, owner and of Bill Lawrence’s Personal Fitness. “Before the last couple of years it looked empty, even though we were upstairs and there was a lot happening upstairs, it looked empty when you walked past.”

Renovations to move equipment from the third to the first floor will take place this Saturday at 8am.

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