New app provides information about Lake Erie

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There’s a computer app for just about everything these days. Even one that can tell you how Lake Erie is doing at any given moment.

Like most things, water buoys are going high tech. No longer just a way to mark paths for boats, buoys can tell us all kinds of things about what’s happening on the lake. Information that now can be sent to your computer and even your phone.

Jeanette Schnars from the Regional Science Consortium says “so if you’re a boater and you’re wondering whether to go out you get some real time information find out what the waves are find out what the winds are”.

That’s only part of it. The regional science consortium is working on the funding for four buoys in the water this year. Some equipped with sensors that can monitor oxygen and other levels in the water. Valuable information to learn how the fish population is doing.

Schnars goes onto say “the last couple years we’ve been doing a yellow perch study and we can look at these parameters and how the fish population is responding to those parameters”

You can download the free app through the Apple Store or Google. You can learn more and even donate to the program by going to

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