The Splash Lagoon indoor waterpark announced on Wednesday new attractions that have been in the works.

The parked showed off multi-level tree house attraction with new slides, a froggy splash pad area, and enhancement to the Treasure Island Arcade.

The tree house also includes a giant coconut-shaped water tipping bucket that is sure to soak everyone below.

The arcade has added new virtual reality games to the fun.

“I think when we build this we had no idea it would be so well received 19 years ago, and in the 19 years that have passed we’ve entertained six million people. The kids that used to come here they’ve started to have families and they’re coming back. We’re really proud of it and we just keep reinvesting in it to keep making it better and better all the time,” said Nick Scott Sr., President of Scott Enterprises.

These new attractions represent an investment of over two million dollars.