You may soon notice bike lanes along 10th street as the City of Erie begins their “Active Transportation Project.”

The idea of the project is to improve downtown Erie streets for pedestrians and cyclists. One part of the plan includes creating a bike lane along 10th Street from Weschler Ave. to Franklin Ave.

The city will also implement more signs on Erie’s West Bayfront to help visitors find landmarks and trails.

“A lot of other cities have signage out there to direct you around and the city doesn’t really, so sometimes you’re looking for somewhere on the Bayfront and you don’t necessarily know how to get from where you are to where you want to go. So we’ll be doing sharrows in the road and way finding signage as well, along with a couple of maps to kind of direct people around,” said Bill Heiden, project engineer for the City of Erie

The Downtown Active Transportation Project is expected to start next week.