New bill would add nuclear plants to list of ‘clean & alternative energy’ sources; $500 mil/year

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Hundreds of workers from Pennsylvania’s five nuclear power plants were at the State Capitol today. This, as one plant is set to close in a few months.

This morning’s rally saw nuclear industry leaders urging lawmakers to pass bills they say will help save Pennsylvania’s nuclear industry. 

Senate Bill 510 recognizes the state’s nuclear plants as ‘Carbon free’ and adds nuclear power to the state’s ‘Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards’.  That requires electric utilities to buy power from a list of clean and alternative energy sources like wind and solar, which are already a part of those standards.

If passed, the bill would cost ratepayers about $500 million a year, but supporters say the cost of nuclear failing would be in the billions and would also damage the state’s attempt to adopt clean energy.

Founder of Environmental Progress Michael Shellenberger says, “If you care about climate change, you’ve got to go nuclear. There’s no way to solve this problem without nuclear power.”

Those against this bill say the free market has spoken, and amount to this as a bailout. 

Right now, the ‘Three Mile Island’ nuclear plant is set to close in September.

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