New Bookmobile heads out around Erie County visiting local senior centers

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Many people want to get out and about these days, and that’s even true for Erie County’s brand new Bookmobile.

The Bookmobile is making a tour of local senior centers.

Inside the vehicle you will find hundreds of books and DVDs along with a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Staff members said that they are learning more every day about what the new Bookmobile can do. Staff members are also asking for a little patients from visitors.

“It’s a brand new vehicle. We’ll be figuring out different issues that we’re coming up with just running things. So we’re just asking people to be patient when they come on for the first time. We’re learning just like they are. It’s a brand new Bookmobile so we’re just getting used to it now,” said Ron Salisbury, Bookmobile Clerk.

Only one person or family will be allowed inside at a time in order to maintain social distancing and COVID safety.

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