Giving life to a piece of land that was once the site of the historic Riverside Inn is the mission of the Riverside Brewing Company. 

“We just wanted to come over and support the Riverside Brewing Company and we like to support the small businesses around Cambridge Springs,” said Cambridge Springs resident, Remilee Taylor. Taylor and her family gathered in the parking lot of the former Riverside Inn to taste some maple and beer products that Riverside Brewing will be featuring. “I think it’ll be nice, that you bring a lot of business to the town and it’s good for the community,” said Taylor. The Riverside Brewing Company say they will be breaking ground on this site in about one week and the project will take one year to complete. 

It’s been a little over a year since the Riverside Inn was destroyed in a vicious fire. 
“We kind of feel bad the Riverside Inn burned down there’s nothing here, so we’re just basically doing this to socialize in the community,” said Jason Howles. Howles owns the Riverside Brewing Company and the Howels Maple farm. He says he wants this new pub to be a unique addition to the Cambridge Springs area. “We’ve always had a dream to combine our maple farm and a brewery and bring together a unique style of beers and flavors of beers that are enhanced by maple,” said Howles. The folks who attended Thursday night’s event got a chance to try out cool maple flavored products and most importantly be a part of a major comeback for the Riverside Inn land.