New domestic violence program, ‘Purple One’ created thanks to $755,000 grant

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A major grant is helping ‘Safe Journey,’ creating a new program to help end domestic violence.

‘Purple One’ will help to educate community members on how to spot domestic abuse and help victims leave their current situation in Erie County.  

Corry Chief of Police Richard Shopene tells us, “For years and years, domestic violence has been taught as a family problem. It is not a family problem, it is a community problem.”

Bringing awareness is just one step in fighting domestic violence.

Executive Director of Safe Journey Lori Palisin says, “When you see people who care and have people who are listening, responding… That is what victims need.”

With the assistance of a $755,000 grant, Safe Journey has created the Purple One program.  The program is to help educate and train businesses and community members in rural areas of Erie County on how to recognize victims of domestic violence and refer them to safety. 

Palisin says, “It’s going to be really enlightening and empowering for victims because they are going to see all these purple dots through the community for them.”

The program will help to train community members to be ‘Purple One’ certified.  Members will complete four hours of training.  Training will consist of bystander intervention and providing support as well as the ‘Three ‘R’ Approach:’ Recognize, Respond, and Refer.

Now, for victims looking for that safe haven to go and talk to someone about what occurred, they’ll know they can do so when they see this decal in a window.

Shopene says, “It’s going to send a message that this community is no longer going to stand still and we’re going to take a stand against domestic violence.”

Shopene also says he would like to see several dozen business and organizations become ‘Purple One’ certified.

For more information you can check out Safe Journey’s webpage at and Purple One’s page at

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