The spot where an Erie middle school stood for generations will soon be a used to educate young children.

After the former Roosevelt Middle School sat vacant more than a decade, this spring young students will be welcomed into the new building.

The former Roosevelt School closed in 2007, and this spring a new facility will open to educate young children.

Almost one year ago, the Child Development Center purchased the property and demolished the former school. Construction of the new building started this past summer and now the project is almost complete.

The new building will be an early childhood learning center for students pre-kindergarten age and younger.

“We’ll be able to have eleven total classrooms from infants, toddlers and preschool aged children. We’ll also have a huge full expansive kitchen, two gyms, and also a really big playground, so a lot of good outdoor activity as well,” said Jason Kisielewski, Communication Specialist for Childhood Development Center.

Representatives from the Child Development Center said this facility will enrich the lives of both children and adults who work here.

“I think in addition to being able to serve the children that we talked about, the creation of at least twenty-five new jobs is important as well. We’re actually taking applicants. We have a lot of open positions for this facility, so we definitely encourage anyone who’s interested to join the CDC family,” Kisielewski explained.

One neighbor who taught at the former Roosevelt School said while at first, he was sad to see the building demolished, now he believes the new building will have a positive impact.

“That building got dilapidated. The footprint was beautiful, but the inside was damaged. So, because of that, it had to go, and I guess we’re all glad around here that it’s gone,” said Jim Delsandro.

Mayor Joe Schember agrees, he said it’s a great investment.

“It’s totally amazing to me, what that area looks like, cause I grew up in that neighborhood. I used to walk around there. My older sister and I, when I was a kid, we’d go over to watch baseball games going on there, and Roosevelt School was always there. Now it’s totally gone and a new building has been put up. It looks incredible,” Mayor Schember said.

The school is looking to hire teachers and other staff members. To learn more about the organization click here for their website. For employment information click here.