New East Side Health and Wellness Pavilion integrates outpatient services under one roof

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It’s a new facility that aims to help more patients. This morning Highmark, Allegheny Health Network, and St. Vincent unveiled the East Side Health and Wellness Pavilion in Harborcreek.

The project was completed earlier than expected.  It started just over a year ago and it was also under budget following its completion. 

The facility was built on a pre-existing primary care office.

Saint Vincent Hospital is offering more facilities for your convenience. The 32,000 square foot Allegheny Health Network and Wellness Pavilion on the east side brings comprehensive outpatient services together under one roof.

President of St. Vincent Hospital Chris Clark tells us, “particularly in light of all the changing dynamics in the market both AHN and Saint Vincent very much needed a larger presence in the eastern corridor of Erie County. “

The pavilion integrates Saint Vincent out-patient services including primary care with seven providers and 24 patient exam rooms.

The new facility is making life easier for a lot of patients who travel from out of town.

William Lewis, a Saint Vincent Patient, says, “considering what it was, it’s really big now and it’s got everything; I don’t think there’s anything you don’t have. Well, maybe you don’t have a dentist. Other than that, I think we’ve got it all. “

The pavilion model offers an integrated, collaborative environment that benefits patients and caregivers alike.

Saint Vincent Patient Nancy Lewis says, “it’s a lot nicer than trying to find where your other doctors are all through Erie, which they send us to, so this makes it handy. “

The pavilion is the fifth such facility opened by Allegheny Health Network over the past five years with two of them being in Erie.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services are also offered at the new facility including 3-D mammography.

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