New EMTA proposal on table days before issue heads to court

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ERIE, Pa. – The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority saga continues as a new proposal is on the table just two days before the issue heads to court.

Members of both city and county councils have come up with yet another proposal.

This time the offer is that the city and county will split the funding of a 15-year-charter, eliminating the municipalities contribution.

Both sides would have four seats on the board, with the remaining seat being appointed by Gov. Tom Wolf.

This most recent proposal is on hold until Friday, when the city and county take the issue to court at 2 p.m. in front of Judge William Cunningham.

“If the judge says you guys figure this out, at least they’ll know that we are still talking, and there are still negotiations going on,” City Councilman Dave Brennan said. “Maybe they can help urge us to just work together and try to compromise.”

The 50-year charter of the EMTA expired Sept. 14.

“I think if both sides give in a little bit and think about what’s best for the city of Erie, residents and riders, I think we can compromise and move forward.” 

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