New fireworks law adds costs for sellers, purchasers

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The Fourth of July might get a little brighter in your neighborhood next summer… at a cost.

The state legislature passing a new law that makes aerial fireworks legal for Pennsylvania residents.  Previously, residents could only buy sparklers and novelty fireworks.  The law makes it possible for you to purchase the same high octane fireworks that were sold only to out-of-state residents, but first… dealers must pay for costlier licenses.

Owner of Big Woodie’s Fireworks, John Kaliszewski, says, “We currently pay $5,000 a year. The new license, we have to pay a $2,500 application fee, as well as a $7,500 annual fee.”

Buyers will also see increased costs.  They’ll pay a 12% fireworks tax on top of the 6% sales tax.

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