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A warehouse fire that broke out early this morning is being investigated as suspicious for several reasons.  Fire heavily damaged the same mattress warehouse about a year ago.

All that is left of the warehouse is a pile of burnt mattresses and steel.  Fire crews needed to tear down the building to be able to completely put the fire out.

Mark Polanski says, “it was a pretty strong steel building. They had to take saws and cut through the siding in order to apply water to the fire. By the time we were able to get into there it was pretty fully involved.”
The first time this property saw a blaze was back in April of 2016.  Fire officials say this second fire is being investigated as suspicious.
“Due to the fact that there were no utilities to the building, it was fairly secure,” says Polanski.  Also because the DEP giving the owner 60 days to clean up the property.  That deadline, we’re told, is tomorrow.
Neighbors witnessed suspicious activity.  Tim Hall says, “about midnight, I guess it was, I seen a black SUV ride by here real slow, and I seen it pull back there. I didn’t think nothing of it because I see cars and trucks pull back there all the time.”
The neighbor’s main concern is the only building that remains standing. They’re afraid it may be next. Hall says, “Tear them all down. Tear them down. Get rid of them. If this building goes up next to the house it’s going to burn the house down.”
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  Andy Zimmerman, from Erie Code Enforcement, tells us this will not affect the DEP deadline.  He says the owner can continue cleaning up the east complex of the property.  Once the investigation is finished on this recent fire, then he can clean up the current building.

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