A new Dunkin Donuts location is opening in Millcreek Township in less than one month.

On Wednesday, June 21 a Dunkin Donuts will open on West 26th Street in Millcreek.

This comes as a Pennsylvania-owned business continues to expand its franchise.

The public relations director said the company has plans to open other Dunkin locations, including one on West 38th Street.

“We’re expecting a pretty big crowd, we’ve been promoting it a lot and we were so excited with the reception in Harborcreek. It’s a really tight knit community there and everyone really showed up in a big way, so we’ll see for this location. It’s in a really busy intersection, which is great,” said Margaret Noel, PR Director for DALRT Inc.

The public relations director said once these two projects are complete, they will start working on their Girard location.