A new mural was unveiled on Thursday at West 3rd and Cascade Street.

This mural is called “Sights and Sounds.”

The mural was designed by Artist Thomas Ferraro to show the characteristics of that neighborhood.

The building where the mural is located is the home of Mrs. Ester Tregler. She lived in this building for decades.

Tregler offered to have the painting on her house because she wanted to help celebrate the neighborhood.

The Erie Philharmonic was there for music and students from Gannon University and Our West Bayfront that helped with the project.

“It just gives a sense of energy when you are walking around here playing here at the park. They will see this and it just adds to the vitality of the neighborhood,” said Anna Frantz, Executive Director of Our West Bayfront.

You can see other murals along West 4th and 8th Streets as well.