New non-profit center looks to offer free training programs to students

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As a new, non-profit educational center prepares to take over a former school building, many people are asking about funding.

The Erie Center for Arts and Technology got the go-ahead Monday to purchase the former Wayne Middle School building from the Erie School District.

The training programs offered there will be free. 

As a non-profit, the center qualifies for newly established tax credits. 

There are also a number of private investors chipping in to help fund the renovations and programming moving forward.

Charles ‘Boo’ Hagerty, Erie Center for Arts and Technology Chairman, tells us, “I think this will uplift a neighborhood that certainly has not seen much investment in it in the past few years.  Probably since East High School has been built there really hasn’t been much investment in the community.  So, I think it will really bolster a neighborhood, I think it will bolster a community. “

Hagerty says he hopes to have the center ready by fall of 2020.

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