There’s a new spot downtown where you can step out to enjoy some fresh air.

If you’re driving down East 5 Street, you’ll run into an area that was recently filled with overgrown grass and weeds, but now is an area where you can relax and enjoy some sunshine.

“You can come here and think about stuff, and enjoy your dinner, lunch, whatever you’re doing, just for the colors and stuff,” said Keeva Flemings, Erie resident.

Lot 10, which is located off of East 5 Street near the Children’s Art Museum has recently transformed into a unique space for Erie.

“Even the hut that you see and the archway, even the trash cans were created by local artist Evan Everhart. He created all of these things out of recycled materials, and as you can see, they’re beautiful and one of a kind, and very interesting,” said Nicole Reitzell, Community Engagement, Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

Efforts between the Erie Art Museum and the Erie Downtown Development Corporation (E.D.D.C.) made this space possible.

Whether you’re looking to just sit and relax to enjoy the day, or even to host a meeting to catch up on work, there is something for everyone in the newly renovated lot.

“It’s a great area for kids to explore and check out. Also, I have had several meetings in this space. If you have some time to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, catch up on e-mails, do some reading, this is a great place to do it, right in the heart of the city, within walking distance of so many people who work downtown everyday,” said Reitzell.

This project isn’t don’t yet. Right now the E.D.D.C. is working to get Wi-Fi installed in the area. If you’re looking to check out the space, the E.D.D.C. is hosting a pop-up music event this evening featuring The Sounds of Life Thru Music, starting at 6 p.m.