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The Obama administration introduces a new salary mandate that could earn you some extra green for your work. A decision that will effect millions of Americans.

Right now you earn overtime if you are paid less than $23,000 a year.

Now you can earn it if you are paid less than $47,000 a year thanks to a new salary threshold. 

The department of labor and the Obama administration implementing new regulations Wednesday on over time.

This decision that will effect the salaries of 4 million people nationwide.

Starting December 1 if you make less than 47 thousand dollars a year your employer is required to pay you overtime.

Though it is a positive for the workers some fear the consequences on business.

The president of the Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership says this will impact small business who may not be able to afford over time for employees.

Some locals saying they are happy to hear about this mandate because many locals work long past their regular hours.

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