The final piece of the Granite Ridge campus has been sold.

Erie County Veterans Services director Joe Benacci confirmed Friday that the Granite Ridge Manor property in North East was sold to Richard Mellon.

Mellon, who is originally from Erie, initially reached out to Benacci saying he planned to purchase the property as a way to honor his father and father-in-law who both had served in World War II.

The grand vision is to turn the building into a veterans center, Benacci explained.

“This building, it’s so versatile that there’s offices, I believe there’s even a kitchen in it. So there could be things like maybe veterans meals, transportation, educational centers, medical centers, mental health facilities. So, I think it’s unlimited. It just ballooned into something huge,” said Joe Benacci, Erie County Veterans Services director.

The apartments and townhomes at Granite Ridge were sold last week to Brick and Mortar Property Management and Pero Real Estate.