One local business with a long history is now under new ownership. The good news is…the new owners will be keeping the old traditions alive.

Fuhrman’s Cider Mill on Peach Street has been closed since the pandemic started. The new owner, Luminary Distilling, wanted to expand his business, so he is just moving just a few dozen yards.

“Fuhrman’s has been around for, I think, 150 years, at least the name has. While it has changed hands a few times throughout the 150 years, we certainly want to make sure we are carrying along an important tradition,” said Joel Normand.

For the past year, Fuhrman’s had been looking to sell its business, but keep the traditions alive.

On Wednesday, August 19th, Luminary Distilling made the official purchase.

It will soon be known as “Luminary Distilling, Fuhrman’s Cider Eatery.”

You can expect to see a combination of a bar where they will sell their vodka, whiskey, gin, and other spirits, and tables for dining and eating in. They also will have Fuhrman’s apple cider and fresh donuts too.

“Our goal was to make sure that this was not too crazy of a transition. Much of the staff that we were able to communicate with is very excited about staying on, and continuing on an aspect of helping production, serving or helping at the bar.”

Inside, they’ve been doing some painting and small renovations.

“We had been looking for more room to be able to produce and be able to accommodate more people into enjoying drinks and to purchase bottles. It was a marriage made in heaven.”

John Oliver with VisitErie says its nice to keep Fuhrman’s around because cider making is part of our local history.

“It allows us to have a business expanding, which is good for our economy, maintaining some of what made Fuhrman’s and the Erie mainstay can continue,” Oliver said.

Their goal is to be moved out of Luminary Distilling by September 6th or 7th, and open by September 11th, in time for apple cider season.