One local university is bringing coaching, mentoring and life skills to the community.

The Eagles Nest is joining forces with Penn State Behrend for a special new program called “Penn State at the Eagles Nest.”

This is a plan that has been in talks for the past two to three years.

Penn State Behrend is coming to the Eagles Nest with one goal in mind — to open the door of opportunity and success for young people in the inner city.

“There are young people in the inner city that need to take advantage of that or have an opportunity to go there, but they’re not going to travel up to Penn State. So we came up with the idea of that if they’re not going to travel up to Penn State, lets bring Penn State to where they are,” said Bishop Dwane Brock, The Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation.

Penn State staff and students will be doing programming for young people during the day. This includes, digital media, science and technology.

During the evening, they will be holding a financial literacy program for adults so they can experience the “American dream.”

“Giving our young people opportunities and recognizing that these young adults can participate in the American dream, to purchase their own home, how big is that for crying out loud, it’s ecstatic,” said Bishop Brock.

He says this opens the door of opportunity.

“I’m so excited because this whole thing is going to eliminate excuses that I cannot do it, I don’t have a chance, I don’t have an opportunity. We’re giving you a chance, we’re opening the door of opportunity and creating a pathway for career development and success for our young people,” said Bishop Brock.

Penn State Behrend Chancellor Ralph Ford said it’s important for students to explore career paths early on.

“It’s important at an early age for people to not only hear what they are, but for them to experience, for them to get hands on experience,. For them to hear from role models, other students that have actually succeeded, to be interacting with them day to day, that’s what really makes a difference in people’s lives,” said Dr. Ralph Ford, chancellor, Penn State Behrend.

The start date for the new program is Jan. 24.