New poll results has Ron Dinicola in the lead for the 16th Congressional District race

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These poll results came from Susquehanna Polling & Research which is a company based in Harrisburg. They polled around 405 likely voters. 

The data from the poll shows Democratic challenger Ron DinNicola in the lead with 51% of the vote, that’s 205 of the people surveyed. 

“The DiNicola campaign has been working hard, obviously since before the primary election and straight through, they never stopped,” said Jim Wertz, Chairman of Erie County Democratic Party.

The poll shows incumbent Republican Mike Kelly with 47% of the vote, that’s 189 of the people surveyed. While these poll results slightly favored Ron DiNicola, Republicans in Erie say sometimes these polls can be misleading. 

Vice Chairman of the Erie County Republican Party, Anne Grunewald says this survey could be misleading due to the order the questions were asked.

“They we’re saying that yes they want to vote for someone that’s going to stand up to trump and then.. they asked the question ‘who would you vote for?'” said Grunewald. “So naturally, they’re going say Ron DiNicola because that’s the way the poll was presented.” 

The difference between Kelly and DiNicola is within the margin of error for the poll which is 4.9 percent. Political analysts on both sides can agree this is an interesting race. “Every indication is that this is probably the closest race we’ve had in this congressional district in a long time,” said Joe Morris, political science chairman at Mercyhurst University. 

The New York Times did a poll on the 16th congressional district race in early October and that survey had Representative Kelly leading in the poll.

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