A local senior center is expanding its dental services for seniors in northwest Pennsylvania with a new partnership.

The “Life” program of Life NWPA provides all-encompassing services including dental and now the senior center is partnering with Enable Dental to bring dental services on-site.

The CEO, Richard Fish, said Enable Dental will bring the equipment and dental technicians to utilize the space of the Life NWPA facility to serve seniors.

“It’s part of our mission in addition to that dental care is really important for overall health care if you’ve got dental problems if effects how they eat healthy diet it also effects just overall the rest of their health care you can have blood borne infections you can have other challenges if you’re not taking care of your teeth and as we age those can get more significant,” said Richard Fish, CEO of Life NWPA.

Fish said the partnership will provide better access and he hopes seniors will be more likely to come to their dental appointments and take care of themselves.