New project set to fight blight in the City of Erie

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A new project is underway to fight blight in the City of Erie.

The City of Erie planning department will soon reach residents and neighborhood groups about what they would like to see over the next three years.

Progress is being made when it comes to new developments for Mayor Joe Schember’s Activating Our Vision plan. The hope is that progress will soon move from the drawing board into the neighborhoods.

“There’s a lot of run down homes and that really pulls a neighborhood down. If you’ve got a house on your block that’s in bad shape and the gutters are falling and windows are broken. Groundwork USA will help us address those problems in our neighborhoods and help people feel better about the neighborhoods they live in.” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Erie was the 22nd city chosen from Groundwork USA. This program will look to help give residents better access to recreation and provide better maintenance of vacant lots and demolitions.

“The first step is the feasibility and that will kind of determine what kind of projects the community wants to accomplish with an organization like this.” said Erin Carey, City Neighborhood Planner at the City of Erie. “Our committee right now is residential demolitions and remediation materials like asbestos and lead and hiring local residents to do that work.”

Groundwork USA will put money from different sources into the work happening here in Erie and then the City of Erie will match those funds.

“Through our community reinvestment fund, which we created that as part of LERTA, so everything seems to be kind of tied together.” Mayor Schember said.

Groundwork USA will fund the operational funds for the first three years.

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