New roundabout in Fairview Township

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A brand new roundabout has drivers slowing down and turning around at the intersection of Milfair Road and Route five in Fairview Township.

“It’s not difficult, I think people just don’t understand the idea, but it’s not a difficult thing to get the hang of,” said Fairview Township resident Melissa. Melissa lives right next to the roundabout. She and her friend Aubrey say they are glad construction on the roundabout is over. “They would come at six or seven in the morning, they wouldn’t leave until six or seven at night,” said Melissa. “Yeah, I would come and pick her up and they would still be here and a lot of people were turning around here in her driveway,” said Aubrey.  The roundabout is part of a 12.5 million dollar project that includes construction and intersection improvements throughout the area. 

According to PENNDOT,  they built this roundabout to control the flow of traffic. PENNDOT issued a statement that reads in part:

“In the case of Milfair road, we are projecting an increase in vehicles traveling through that intersection in the coming years. The roundabout will help keep that traffic flowing in a safe manner.” 

As for Aubrey and Melissa, they say they’re looking forward to the roundabout.

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