If your travels take you through Fairview or Wesleyville, we have some good news.

Efforts are being made to improve traffic flow.

Over $4 million is coming back into Erie County in a project that will improve pedestrian and driver safety.

The project is called Green Light Go and is being funded through PennDOT with funding secured from state Representatives Pat Harkins, Bob Merski and Ryan Bizzarro.

“This is going to help mobility efforts for drivers and pedestrians around our region,” said state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, chairman of the House majority policy committee.

Green Light Go has previously been implemented in joint coordination with Millcreek and Summit townships along Peach Street.

The project is now being expanded to Fairview Township and Wesleyville Borough to provide updated signal equipment.

“Anytime we have the opportunity to bring important money, particularly when it comes back to transportation and infrastructure that kind of funding to the region, we do. This is important for our residents and this is important for our region to grow,” Bizzarro added.

A staff member of a Fairview Township business says traffic is sometimes a challenge and a change of flow would be welcoming.

“Sometimes when we’re getting ready to leave because of all the congestion coming from across West Ridge and 26th Street going out towards Girard and Fairview, we have to wait a few minutes,” said Stephanie Reynolds, groomer at Bingo’s Barkery and Pampered Pups.

Reynolds added traffic lights are now changing faster in the area but congestion is still an issue and said Green Light Go would be a beneficial asset to the area.

“I think that’d be a really good thing if it’ll help ease congestion and help people commute back and forth to work a little bit easier,” Reynolds continued.

Bizzarro also said the project will protect lives and address traffic issues while allowing people and vehicles to move through the community safely.