New surgery procedure for ACL tears protects children’s knees

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ACL tears normally require surgery and the rate of injury has skyrocketed by nearly 400% in adolescents over the past 15 years. Now a new technique is protecting children’s knees and getting them back to the sports they love.  

In most cases, doctors recommended surgery to reconstruct the ligament that provides crucial stability to the knee.  But, when it comes to children, it’s important to protect their growth plates.

Dr. Jeremy Frank, Pediatric Sports Medicine Surgeon, tells us, “We’re taking a strip of tissue from the side of the thigh, that tissue is called the iliotibial band, or IT band.” 

The surgeon then wraps that tissue around the thighbone, through the knee, and stitches it into the top of the shin bone.  

The recovery is still the same as any ACL procedure; physical therapy for up to five months.  Most kids are back to their sport of choice within a year after the injury.

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