What could be a month long project to improve the flow of traffic on 12th Street is expected to make the commute across town easier.

There will be some delays first. The $8.7 million plan will put brand new traffic lights across 12th Street from the Bayfront Parkway in the west to Wayne Street in the east.

Traffic will be halted from time to time as work continues on 22 intersections on the six and a half mile stretch.

The new lights will be set to match up better which should make getting across 12th Street smoother for drivers.

“They definitely looked at the timing of the lights through that entire corridor. So some of the intersections will be retimed to coordinate better with other intersections to create through greater efficiency thru there,” said Jill Harry, PennDOT.

The project is expected to be completed in time so that traffic can go across 12th Street when the next phase of work begins on Erie’s Bayfront.